Our Design Services

Everyone has different needs, which is why Erin Gilmer Interiors offers a variety of services that will suit each of our valued clients. Whether you are hoping to work with an interior decorator to fully reimagine a retail space, or if you would like to redesign your bathroom for a modern update, we have the service and the knowhow to get you the outcome that you want.

Full-Service Interior Design

When you work with a professional for a full-service interior design process, you will be able to walk through every step of the process with help. From the initial concepts and research for inspiration to the final fixture installation, we will be able to collaborate throughout each phase. Whether you would like to be completely hands-on through the process, or if you would prefer to leave it to the designer to worry about the details, we are happy to work with you the way you want.

Residential Space Planning

Planning the interior design for apartments, a condo, or a home can be both exciting and overwhelming all at once. There is no limit to the number of details that you can consider in order to reach your final design, and when you are working with an interior decorator you can be confident that you are not missing anything important or getting distracted with details that may ultimately be inconsequential or discarded at a later time. To make sure that your vision is executed properly, your best bet will be to partner with a pro.

Commercial Space Planning

A commercial space needs to have an aesthetic that matches the brand and creates an atmosphere that people want to visit, shop, and ultimately come back to. This is why it is important that interior design is not overwhelming or cluttered, but sends a very clear message to a visitor about the type of experience that they are stepping into. We will want to be sure that your brand is represented with the design, but that a visitor does not feel confused about how to move about the space or how they are expected to interact with the interior.

Interior/Exterior Paint Color and Finish Selection

Even the perfect design can be spoiled by an improperly executed
color palette, which means that it is absolutely essential that you think through each color that you apply to your well-planned space. Something as simple as a small accent can bring a powerful, understated mood to an area, and addressing these details is one of the important benefits of working with an interior designer in Richmond with as much experience as Erin Gilmer. Color is one of the most noticeable ways to set the tone of your new design, and it is essential that you execute it properly.

Interior and Exterior Fixture Selections

Each fixture that you select and install, both for your interior and exterior, can create a major change in the impact that your space has on a visitor. Whether it is something as simple as cabinet handles or as notable as a large light, each of these decisions must be considered holistically and with respect to the overall vision of the design we are working towards. Some of the best-executed fixture designs are the ones that go unnoticed because they add a subtle but tangible impact on the mood that you are creating.

Blueprint Review and Revisions

When you are working with a builder and architect to design a new home, renovation, or addition, it can be hard to get a true idea of what the final design and layout will look like. You select your architect and builder for their expertise and experience, but do you trust their ability to dictate the final designs that will be implemented in your space? In addition to the variety of professionals that you are working with in order to design the actual construction and layout of your plans, it can be extremely beneficial to work with an interior decorator in tandem to ensure that your vision comes to life.

CAD floor plans

Computer-aided design and drafting , otherwise known as CAD, is one of the best ways to get a sense of what the final outcome of your interior remodeling or redecoration may be. It is important that you understand the floor plans of the area that you plan to redesign in order to make certain that each decision you make will not create issues with flow or access in the room, and will still allow for your floor plan to be as you had initially planned. This may require making alterations to a floor plan in order to accommodate a certain fixture or may require changing plans for furniture and fixtures in order to maximize the space.

In-Home Design Consultations

Speaking with a designer about your plans can be helpful, but if you are truly looking to develop a design that is cohesive and well-executed, the best way to do this is with an in-home consultation. You will be able to use this opportunity to walk through your home with the designer who you will be working with, addressing each detail and area specifically while the designer is able to get a true feel for space. These consultations can be especially helpful if you are looking for initial inspiration or you are unsure of the direction you would like to move in when you begin your design.

Real Estate Interior Staging

Staging is essential in order to show possible real estate buyers the possibilities in the space that they are considering for purchase. An empty room without any furniture looks harsh, unwelcoming, and no matter how creative the visitor is, it does not inspire their imagination for what could be. While it is certain that a buyer will likely not emulate the layout that is presented during their walkthrough, staging is extremely important and can greatly enhance your experience while trying to sell a piece of real estate.

Design-Build Services with Contractors

In many cases, an interior design project may be in tandem with a remodel, addition, or new construction. In any case, if you are planning to work with building contractors in addition to working with an interior decorator, it can be extremely helpful for everyone involved to have the contractor and designer work directly with each other at the outset of the planning phase. This way, your design ideas will be considered at the same time as the functional layout of your space is being planning, allowing you to create your vision from the ground up.